With 95 years of extensive experience in postgraduate education, the National School of Public Health (ESDY) is the leading Postgraduate Program in Greece in the fields of healthcare services management and health economics.

The program aims to prepare professionals in the healthcare sector, healthcare services management, and public administration to acquire the knowledge and skills required in a modern, competitive, and constantly evolving environment. The goal is to cultivate leaders who will implement innovative changes and develop health policies for the future.

Our graduates hold significant positions in policy, strategy, and interventions in the community, public and private healthcare sectors, as well as in non-governmental organizations in Greece and abroad.


The program offers two specializations:

I. Decision making and health policy planning

II. Research and evaluation of innovation and policy in health care


Key Information

Duration: 1 year or 2 (part time)
Study Mode: Full Time or Part Time
Courses: On Campus & Online
ECTS: 90
Language: Greek
Location: Athens
Fees: 3.000€
Start Date: October 2023

About Us

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Νέο Πρόγραμμα Μεταπτυχιακών Σπουδών στην Ηγεσία, Καινοτομία και Πολιτικές Αξίας στην Υγεία