The Department of Public Health Policy of the School of Public Health, being the successor of the National School of Public Health after its merger with the University of West Attica (Law 4610/2019), offers the Postgraduate Course MSc in “Leadership, Innovation and Value Based Health Policies” starting from the academic year 2020 – 2021. Responding to internationally acknowledged education and research priorities, the course has set as its objective the dynamic learning in Leadership, Management, Innovation and Health Value Policies.

The course aims to develop social and personal skills for executives in the field of health care, while propelling effective use of tools for analysis, evaluation and management of change resulting from the impact of technological developments and  innovation introduction. It also aims to provide the necessary research skills for those wishing to pursue such a career.

Successful completion of the course leads  to the award of the postgraduate title “MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Health Value Policies” with specialization in either:

(1) Decision making and health policy planning, or

(2) Research and evaluation of innovation and policy in health care.

 General information

Τhe interdisciplinary education provided by the course aims at knowledge acquisition and skills development covering a wide range of subjects such as development strategies planning, economic analysis, and healthcare and public health policy planning).

By cultivating leadership skills, graduates will be able to promote positive attitudes towards the current problems of organizations especially in relation to the promotion of innovation and value policies in health and health care.

These elements are currently considered essential for health care professionals to carry out both leadership planning, as well as the management of health and public health policies and services.

Categories of Graduates

The course is planned primarily for those who are or aim to become senior executives of public organizations, services and companies in the private sector, as well as in research centers and wish to acquire specialized knowledge in this field, contributing to the modernization and development of health and public services.

Individuals holding of a Bachelor or Diploma of Higher Education Institutions in the field of Management and Economics, Health  and Social Sciences, Earth and Environmental sciences, Engineering, Humanities and Political Sciences are entitled to register to the course.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Value Based Health Policies will be able to:

Analyze complex healthcare problems and formulate innovative strategies, plan, promote and lead the implementation of projects and interventions increasing social benefit and reducing costs.
Evaluate health data and new healthcare technologies, formulate policy proposals based on evidence in order to provide quality and high-performance health and public health services.
provide evidence-based high-level administration support, both in terms of planning and implementation, as well as in terms of monitoring and continuous improvement of relevant policies
carry out research work to serve the modernization efforts of organizations which want to improve their competitiveness
develop innovative skills to influence and support more effective and efficient adaptation and change
develop strong interpersonal skills and resolve conflict situations or prevent them before they arise
interact effectively with a wide range of experts

Brief Description

Postgraduate Course

MSc in “Leadership, Innovation and Value Based Health Policies”

Duration and type of studies

Three (3) academic semesters – 18 calendar months (full-time)

six (6) academic semesters – 36 calendra months (part-time)

Degree MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Health Value Policies

(1) Decision making and health policy planning


(2) Research and evaluation of innovation and policy in health care

Study requirements

Lectures Attendance

Successful Examinations

Thesis (30 ECTS)

Language Greek
Fees 3000 €
Enrollment per academic year Max 40 students